Industry Track

Product Line Engineering helps companies to achieve economic benefit through pro-active constructive reuse. However, since PLE spans not only the whole life cycle of a product line, but also vast parts of an organization with its processes, there are many areas to be considered when actually putting a product line in place or when evolving one. Furthermore, building and exploiting a product line is not a matter of months, but rather of years. To raise the maturity of such a long-lasting, crosscutting discipline, practitioners cannot rely on their own experiences only; they have to learn from each other.

The industry track gives practitioners the opportunity to learn from the experience of other practitioners in industry. If you are mainly interested in the SPLC industry events, follow our recommendations:

-> Learn
Tutorials – present specific PL topics relevant for practitioners who want to learn new techniques or want to fully understand the challenges of a specific PLE area. Find tutorials for introduction product line engineering (T2, T10, T12), running product lines (T4, T6, T7, T13), model driven product lines (T5, T8, T9) and experience and advanced product line topics (T1, T3, T11).

-> Experience
Industry Paper Sessions – this is the core of the technical track, presenting experiences in industry, both success stories as well as challenges and lessons to learn from.

Exhibitions – present industry strength tools and gives practitioners the opportunity to talk to tool vendors. The exhibition is part of the main conference and will be open during the breaks from Tuesday to Thursday.

-> Discuss
Panels– are public discussions among experts on current, more or less controversial topics. Get involved in the discussions !

-> Celebrate
Welcome Reception – gives a good opportunity to get to know other practitioners and exchange thoughts with researchers.

Conference Dinner – this is the only time rather not to devote to product line engineering, but simply to enjoy.

Product Line Hall-of-Fame – The hall of fame serves as a way to recognize distinguished members in the field or product line engineering. The product lines elected to membership in the hall of fame represent the highest achievement in their field, serving as models of what can be achieved and how. Nominees present their successful product lines at SPLC, a good way to learn from success. Learn more about the Product Line Hall-of-Fame.